Have you dreamed of longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes?

Do you have less time to spend on your makeup because you’re always on-the-go?

The answer maybe in the art of eyelash extensions and permanent makeup. Individual eyelash extension create the lashes that you desire. Permanent makeup emphasizes your natural beauty and comes with convenience, ease and the luxury of less effort.

Cresent Gibbons is a talented permanent makeup and eyelash artist with the skills to provide the look you could only dream of.

About the Artist

Name: Cresent Gibbons

Services: Permanent Makeup & 3D Eyelash Extensions

Experience: 10 years, Graduated from the Painted Ladies Academy & 3D Lashes & received apprenticeship and training

Other: Member of the Permanent Makeup Society of Arizona

A message from Cresent:

Permanent cosmetics is an art of applying indelible epidermal pigmentation.
My ability is to apply make-up and natural enhancements.

My name is Cresent Gibbons and I apply permanent cosmetics.
I have been a valley resident for over 25 years. I became interested in permanent make-up in 1998, when i met my mentor and educator.

During my training apprenticeship, I was taught a technique derived from ancient Japanese tattooing. The pigment is carefully and gently applied with a sanitary, disposable applicator. I also use topical numbing to make your experience fun, not painful!

I am a member of the Permanent Make-up Society of Arizona and uphold all health standards. I would love an opportunity to demonstrate my services or answer any questions you may have.

Please call to set up a free consultation!